Russian Portrait: The Russian Photographer

Russian Portrait: The Russian Photographer

Artur came from Ukhta, a town from far north Russia. He studied in St. Petersburg and has relocated to Sochi, the Russian Winter Olympics city in 2014. Having lived in different parts of Russia, from industrial town to cultural capital and resort city, Artur’s camera captured all critical moments of his life and  the wider Russian society. In Russia, being a photographer can rarely get rich but I have never seen him losing his passion on photography.


About Brian Yeung

Growing up in Hong Kong, pearl of the orient, I have been exposed to many cultures throughout my upbringing, from Sushi to British Top Talents and Tetris. And yet, after my stay in Europe, Russia and Southeast Asia for study and work, I realise a lot of cultural perception and presentation are just myths and stereotypes. Exploring the real accent of a particular country and its culture becomes my agenda of traveling. I value travel as a way to discover the diversity of life choices. After all, life is just the consequence of our many life choices; the one who is aware of its diversity is the luckiest person alive.

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