Russian Portrait: My landlady’s son-in-law

Russian Portrait: My landlady's son-in-law

Dmitry was the son-in-law of my landlady Lyudmila. He was particularly into craftsmanship but he could only take it as a hobby. He told me that he was once an apprentice of a master of craft in the village but he couldn’t bear with his mentor because of his heavy drinking. This picture was taken in his studio and the picture seemed packed with layers of emotions and experiences that he had gone through. He came to my room the other day and gave me a hand string with his work. The only English words he said to me is “present for you”.


About Brian Yeung

Growing up in Hong Kong, pearl of the orient, I have been exposed to many cultures throughout my upbringing, from Sushi to British Top Talents and Tetris. And yet, after my stay in Europe, Russia and Southeast Asia for study and work, I realise a lot of cultural perception and presentation are just myths and stereotypes. Exploring the real accent of a particular country and its culture becomes my agenda of traveling. I value travel as a way to discover the diversity of life choices. After all, life is just the consequence of our many life choices; the one who is aware of its diversity is the luckiest person alive.

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